Atlas Traps: A sandy wasteland?


Yesterday, Deck13 and Focus Entertainment released Atlas Fallen. The conclusion is unfortunately quite mixed, although the action RPG does a lot of things right.

In Atlas Fallen, your nameless heroes are given a glove and move through a destroyed world at lightning speed with the help of sand gliding. Your mission is to eliminate the tyrannical sun god who has reduced the world to a wasteland. On your heroic journey, you’ll also have to defeat numerous monsters and use the versatile skills of your glove. If this description reminds you of another game, you’re unfortunately not alone. On (Steam) many users compare Deck13’s adventure to the Square Enix flop Forspoken But while Frey and her bracelet were annoying with their awkward dialogues, community members are just bored with their nameless sand heroes. A harsh verdict.

The reviews on (Metacritic) turn out similarly harsh. While many of the reviewers praise Atlas Fallen’s combat system, the big overall concept behind the battles turns out to be monotonous and rather boring.

In summary, the action-packed RPG unfortunately can’t live up to its great potential, so that the gripping showdown in the burning desert only turns into an entertaining adventure in the wasteland. Basically, you can give Atlas Fallen a chance, but whether you want to pay 50 Euros for it is up to you to decide.