Atlas Fallen: Learn more about Combat & Gameplay!


In a new video for Atlas Fallen, those interested can take a look behind the sand or the scenes and learn details about the game from the developers themselves.

With Atlas Fallen, Deck13 ventures into the fantasy genre for the first time, where they want to present us with an action-packed combat game with versatile gameplay.

You can wield a weapon with the power of the gods, which changes its appearance depending on the situation.
In addition, you can charge up the so-called momentum display to level your opponents to the sand with a mighty attack. Watch the new video here:

Speaking of (Sand..) Joking aside, the grainy underground also represents a special gameplay element in Atlas Fallen. Your nameless hero can surf over itwhich should make exploration a lot more fun. As the developers reveal in the video, the speed of movement has increased during production because they also enjoy this type of movement.

The customisable gameplay is also noticeable in the implementation of RPG elements . These allow you to create your own play style that the ruthless gods of Atlas Fallen will still fear.