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Anno 1800 unveils a real steampunk pack for its 5th birthday

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Ubisoft has unveiled a new cosmetic DLC for the hit building game in a livestream on Twitch. We have collected all known information for you

More steampunk for Anno 1800: The building game turned five years old on April 16 and is celebrating with exciting announcements. For example, with the reveal of a new ornament bundle with a steampunk theme 

We explain what has already been shown and what inspired the developers. Fans of very old films will be particularly pleased. The information all comes from the new Twitch stream, which you can watch in full here   

Steampunk ornaments for your cities

In keeping with the theme, you can look forward to new looks that interweave Art Deco, copper pipes, gold ornaments, cogwheels and, of course, steam According to the Twitch stream, the designers were particularly inspired by the film Metropolis – a German sci-fi film from 1927 that influenced countless films and left visible traces in genres such as steampunk and cyberpunk

Among other things, this is included in the upcoming Cosmetic Bundle:

  • New skins for investor houses
  • New skin for your flagship
  • New skin for your trains

In our experience, such packs usually contain between 15 and 20 new ornaments, including a few large and several small ones such as floor coverings. The full content is expected to be revealed in a blog post at the end of April. We will of course keep you up to date!

When will the steampunk pack be released?  The steampunk DLC is due to be released in mid-May, but a specific date has not yet been given in the stream. In any case, it will be released at the same time as an update for Anno 1800, in which everyone will receive a free friendship ornament.

Of course, we at GlobalESportNews  are also celebrating! For the birthday of Anno 1800, we have a lot of exciting information, useful guides and personal moments that we want to share with you. keep an eye out for fresh Anno content in the coming days!

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