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Saturday, October 1, 2022

After hacker attack on Rockstar Games – Now also 2K hacked

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The parent company of Rockstar Games has now also been hacked. 2K’s support is affected this time and possibly even players.

Countless videos and screenshots of GTA 6 went into circulation last weekend due to a hacker attack on Rockstar Games. On Tuesday, another subsidiary of Take 2 Interactive was also hacked after Rockstar Games.

In this case, it seems that the hacker attack did not focus on further details about GTA 6, but on 2K Support. Currently, fake mails in the name of the developer with a questionable link are being sent around. As a precaution, all players who have received an email from 2K Support should delete the email immediately and not click on the link.

However, anyone who has already clicked on such a questionable link should immediately reset any password that is also stored in the web browser. In addition, it is also recommended to activate two-factor authentication and a decent anti-virus programme. In addition, players should also keep an eye on their account settings to see if any changes have been made to their email address.

As long as the investigation of the attack is ongoing, 2K support will remain offline. This is already the second hacker attack on the company in a few days. In the case of Rockstar Games, the FBI is said to have been called in. Allegedly, the hacker group “Lapsus$” is responsible for the attack and is said to have carried out cyberattacks on other companies such as the US company Uber.


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