5 new Steam hits that you probably haven’t heard of yet


We provide you with new games that don’t run on every other screen. These are our Steam insider tips of the week

We’re here, you’re here – time for the weekly Steam tips! As usual, we show you games that only a few people have on their radar. But those who know them are mostly enthusiastic.

This time with a much-loved new shooter, the return of a true classic and a co-op horror game with a dream score. Have fun with our new insider tips on Steam

Quickly to the game (table of contents)

  1. Roboquest
  2. Risk of Rain Returns
  3. Lethal Company
  4. Salt and Sacrifice
  5. Cursorblade


(Genre: Roguelike-Shooter – Steam-Release: November 7, 2023 – Price: 24,99 Euro)

Popular in Early Access, a real hit at full release: The first-person shooter Roboquest has a strong 94 percent approval rating from around 5,200 reviews on Steam. The gaudy graphic style immediately catches the eye, but there’s more to it than that:

In Roboquest, you are a newly rebooted robot who has woken up in a destroyed world. Other robots are probably responsible for all the trouble, and now you’re supposed to give them a good shaking. Designed as a roguelike shooter, screen death is part of the progress. And the environments are created anew and randomly each time

Risk of Rain Returns

(Genre: Roguelike-Platformer – Steam-Release: November 8, 2023 – Price: 14,99 Euro)

Risk of Rain 2 is already considered a shooter insider tip, but even fewer people are likely to know the first part. This is about to change, because the roguelike action game is being released again in an improved version on Steam. 86 percent of over 3,000 Steam reviewers think it’s good.

Unlike the second part,

Risk of Rain Returns does not use 3D graphics and is not a third-person shooter. You are on the move in a classic side perspective, shooting and fighting your way through hordes of enemies, collecting ever more powerful equipment and each death makes you stronger.

Lethal Company

(Genre: Co-op-Horror – Steam-Release: October 23, 2023 (Early Access) – Price: 9,75 Euro)

Salt and Sacrifice

(Genre: Soulslike RPG – Steam Release: November 7, 2023 – Price: 19,50 Euro)

Soulslikes come in all shapes and sizes, even as shooters in Unreal Engine 5, but the side view is also getting more and more representatives. One of these is Salt and Sacrifice, which is the successor to Salt and Sanctuary and stands out with its chic art design. However, there is also criticism due to the technology, which leads to an average approval rating of 68 percent

At its core, Salt and Sanctuary is typical of the genre, hard as nails, subtle in its narrative and adds a pinch of monster hunting and role-playing progression to the Soulslike virtues. Sinister Magi monsters haunt the world and you are tasked with putting an end to the spook in the role of an Inquisitor.


(Genre: Reverse Bullet Hell – Steam-Release: November 6, 2023 – Price: 4,99 Euro)

This week the roguelike density has reached a new record level! And the fifth game in our list is a very unusual one: Cursorblade. Your mouse pointer is a sword, the screen is swarming with critters and the more you poke, the more and better special abilities you can add

This turns you into Reverse Bullet Hell over the course of the round. This cute game therefore falls into the same category as Vampire Survivors, Halls of Torment and co. If you die, you can still grow and progress over time.

So, have you found a new game for you this week? Which one can you warm to? Let us know in the comments: