360 percent more players: Palworld celebrates a huge Steam comeback after latest update


The open-world role-playing game is back with lots of free content. But that’s not the only reason for the new highs

PalworldsPlayer numbers had leveled off at a peak of 25,000 to 30,000 in recent weeks. This changed abruptly with the release of the new Sakurajima update on June 27th.

In addition to the new content, the summer sale also plays a role in the Steam comeback, of course.

Development of Palworld’s player numbers

Palworld reached the mark of 2.1 million simultaneously active players shortly after the Early Access release on January 19. On the pageSteamDBthe drop in the following months is easy to understand.

The latest high of over143,000 playersoccurred on the weekend following the release of the Sakurajima update. Compared to the peak value from the previous week, the number of players increased by around 360 percent from a good 31,000 players.

Reasons for the rapid increase

First of all, Palworld has a very large player base on Steam alone. In the first month alone, the game sold a whopping 15 million copies

on Valve’s platform.

Thus, there are potentially many players who can come back for a new and, above all,free update&nbsp. In addition, Sakurajima is stretching a lot of new content. Here are a few highlights:

  • New level cap of 55
  • A new area: Sakurajima Island
  • A PvP arena
  • 15 new Pals
  • An oil platform that also brings a new resource into play
  • New trader
  • New weapons, items, cosmetics, buildings, pal skills and much more

You can find the detailed patch notes on theSteam page

Summer Sale

In addition, Palworld, like many other games, is available at a lower price during the big Steam Summer Sale. The game with the industrious monsters is reduced by 25 percent to 22 Euro&nbsp. The offer is validuntil July 11

Palworld is also included in Microsoft’s Game Pass and can therefore also be played on PC and Xbox. Whether the new update will also bring players back here is unknown due to a lack of data. Has the latest patch prompted you to play Palworld again or are you done with the open-world game? Let us know in the comments