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Monday, January 24, 2022

The snow is going and IO drills are coming – What awaits us in Fortnite

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Known leaker HYPEX has uncovered new information about the map future in Fortnite. Dr. Slone and the IO guards may be coming back.

Fortnite always offers its players new content. Soon there will be something new to discover, because the well-known leaker HYPEX has discovered interesting map changes.

IO Drills distributed on the map

HYPEX posted a video on Twitter in which he discovers a huge drill on the map. A total of five of these are said to be appearing on the Fortnite map. These are related to the IO, i.e. the Imagined Order. We already know these from previous Seasons.

Now there is speculation that we will soon see again not only IO guards but also Doctor Slone, who is a senior member of the IO. Her plan seems to be related to the drills. HYPEX has already been able to identify all the locations of the drills and also shared them on Twitter.

He writes that the drills will appear at the sites as soon as the snow has melted. This is expected to begin on 7 January. However, he tweeted now that the first IO drill site is already there. This is located near the Logjam. The other four are to follow.

What exactly the drills are about and what Doctor Slone’s plan might be is still unclear. After the drills have all appeared one after the other, the IO will certainly have something to say about it.


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