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The most useful items in Fortnite Chapter 3

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In Fortnite, players are often spoilt for choice. In addition to weapons, items for healing, shields and agility are particularly important.

An innumerable mass of items also fills the entire map in Fortnite Chapter 3. However, because the item slots are limited to five and these are also mostly occupied by weapons, it gets thin for the final items for support. The following overview shows the most useful items for the Battle Royale.


Fancy some canned healing? The Uncommon item Med-Mist sprays a mist around you and reliably restores life. The spray is even useful in duos, trios or quads, because other players next to you are also healed.

The Med-Mist can restore up to 150 lives. Five points are healed per click. Another big advantage of this item is that it can be used even when you are moving. So you can heal yourself while taking cover or running through the middle of the storm.


The rare item Tent brings several benefits. When a player is inside it, it heals 5 points of life per second. However, you should be careful during this time because the tent offers no additional cover and can be destroyed. You can also pack the tent up again and carry it with you as an item.

In addition, two items or weapons can be stowed per tent. A third item would also be possible if 100 gold bars are paid. These stowed items can be retrieved from a new tent in future matches. This is also possible with the one-time Mythic items.

Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters

In addition to building skills and aiming accuracy, Fortnite is all about one trait: mobility. Those who can move quickly from A to B usually have a big advantage. With the gloves of the Marvel hero Spider-Man, there is the best mobility in Chapter 3 Season 1.

With the Mythic Item it is possible to swing quickly through the air by spinning webs onto objects such as trees or buildings. This way you can not only escape the storm, but also quickly get on top of high buildings of the enemies to use their High Ground for yourself.

Guzzle Juice

Constant healing is always a viable option in Fortnite. With the Guzzle Juice, you only need two seconds to apply the Uncommon Item. This heals the life meter completely. 2 points of life are restored per second. Up to two Guzzle Juice can be placed in an inventory slot at the same time.

However, make sure that you have enough protection when using them. If you receive damage from an enemy while healing, the effect stops. Thus, it is not the best item during a firefight, but is especially valuable after a fight while you are taking cover or building up to the heights.

Shield Potion

The classic shield potion continues to be one of the most useful items in Fortnite. Already in the early game, the shield display should be increased to the maximum 100 as quickly as possible. This works first with two mini shield potions, which bring you to 50 armour, before the shield potion fills up the second half of the display.

By the late game, it can be extremely valuable to have multiple Shield Potions in an item slot (up to 3 at a time). Alternating with a healing item such as Med-Mist or Guzzle Juice will greatly increase your chances of survival to the end. However, have enough protection to ensure the five-second application time for the potion.


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