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Spider-Gwen in Fortnite? – Teaser images possibly show new skins

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Epic Games has released four different teasers for Fortnite. Each one hints at a possible skin in Season 4.

Epic Games released four different teaser images for Chapter 3 Season 4 in Fortnite. According to leaker iFireMonkey, these images hint at four different skins and possible crossovers that could appear in the upcoming Season in Battle Royale.

The teaser image appeared on the Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop and Microsoft Store, but each with a different theme. While the basic concept of the image remains the same, the hand reaching from the depths is different in all four teasers. According to the leaker, these refer to upcoming skins and crossovers in Fortnite.

In the Epic Games Store, the hand seems to belong to Meowscle. Therefore, according to iFireMonkey, it is possible that Epic Games could likely release a Gothic version of this skin. In the teaser image from the PlayStation Store, on the other hand, a hand of Spider-Gwen can be seen. Compared to Spider-Man, the superheroine wears a suit in white, black and pink.

The third image can be found in the Nintendo eShop and probably points to a new paradigm according to the leaker. However, iFireMonkey is not really sure which character this could belong to only with the last teaser featuring a hand made of Chrome. Allegedly, this would point to a concept skin from a former survey.


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