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Shield Sprinkler in Fortnite – All Locations on the Map

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A new update in Fortnite Chapter 3 brings us the new item Shield Sprinkler. Find out what it can do and where to find it here.

Fortnite just recently released a new heal item, the Medi Mist. Now it’s adding an item that can refresh your shields and those of your allies.

Shield for you and me

In addition to a hotfix, the new update also brought the shield sprinkler. As the name suggests, this item can restore shields. To do this, you need to place it on the ground. Just as with a water sprinkler, it then splashes shield points in its vicinity. So you can not only use it on yourself, but also on your team members and even enemies. In total, 100 shield points can be generated for you, but also for your opponents.

You can actually find the shield sprinkler all over the map, i.e. in chests, on the ground etc.. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also buy shield sprinklers. To do this, collect 250 ingots and exchange them with Lt. John Lama or the scientist.

This new item can help you get back into fighting shape quickly. But always remember that enemies can also benefit from it. So use the sprinkler wisely.


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