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Rainbow Royale is back – All info on the event in Fortnite

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The Rainbow Royale is back in focus to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. There are countless cosmetic items to dust off.

The Rainbow Royale in Fortnite returns. The event kicks off on Thursday to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community in Battle Royale. Epic Games has some cosmetic content up its sleeve for this one.

The Rainbow Crossing appears in Fortnite. It is a colourful island created by Team 3D Lab. There, the players:inside can spend their time on the beach or also play different mini-games. In addition, there are “play your way” missions there. The Rainbow Crossing can be found via the Discover screen in Battle Royale.

In keeping with the Rainbow Royale, there are also a few free items to pick up in the item shop. In addition to an emote, players can also look forward to an emoticon and a spray motif. There are also two loading screens and lobby music up for grabs. In addition, even last year’s items are available for free in the item shop.

Another superhero appears in Fortnite. Dreamer from the DC universe joins the countless other superheroes in the Battle Royale. The Dreamer Cup starts on 6 September and players can already win the outfit “Dreamer” before it appears in the item shop. All they have to do is compete in the team tournament in “Zero Build” mode.


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