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Now it’s getting completely crazy: Lord of the Rings, Breaking Bad and Dead by Daylight soon in Fortnite?

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Fortnite has had numerous notable crossovers, but Epic Games may be planning a few more – including with Lord of the Rings and Breaking Bad.


It was only recently that Dragon Ball Z appeared in Fortnite, and already the rumour mill is bubbling furiously around new possible collaborations. Several leaks point to potential crossovers with Lord of the Rings, Dead by Daylight and Breaking Bad.

Back in June, there were first hints of a possible crossover with the horror game Dead by Daylight. Not only were several skins supposed to appear in the game, but also cosmetic Fortnite items related to the game. Meg Thomes, a survivor of Dead by Daylight, was shown as a possible skin in the leak at the time. Likewise, it’s possible that killers could also be added to Fortnite.

Now it looks like the popular series Breaking Bad could also be making an appearance in Battle Royale in the future. According to a leak on Saturday, Gustavo Fring, the well-known businessman and owner of the fast food restaurant “Los Pollos Hermanos”, was recently part of a Fortnite poll. Therefore, not only the drug lord, but also Walter White or Jesse Pinkman could possibly appear in Battle Royale.

On Friday, leaks also surfaced about another possible collaboration. Allegedly, the great fantasy epic Lord of the Rings will be added to Fortnite. A small sandcastle in the game possibly hints at a fortress from the classic. The Rock Kid is building a sand sculpture that has similarities to Helm’s Deep. After all, the new Lord of the Rings series will soon be launched, which is why a crossover with Fortnite could make sense for further promotion.

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