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New Naruto skins in Fortnite – More Star Wars outfits also said to be planned

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The collaboration between Naruto and Fortnite is expanding. But there are also to be new skins to Star Wars in the Battle Royale.

All Naruto fans can look forward to new skins in Fortnite. Epic Games announced on Wednesday that more outfits based around the popular anime are coming to the Battle Royale.

A crossover with Naruto already happened in Chapter 2 Season 8 and skins of Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi were added there. In Chapter 3 Season 3, new skins will be added to the collaboration. On 23 June, the new crossover will launch in Fortnite, bringing more cosmetic items based around the anime to the Battle Royale. However, it is not yet known which characters from Naruto will appear in Fortnite this time.

According to several leakers, there will be a total of four new skins. Allegedly Gaara, Itachi, Hinata and Orochimaru will come to the Battle Royale. But another franchise is also to be expanded with new skins in Fortnite: More characters from Star Wars are also to pay a visit to the shooter from Epic Games. With the start of Season 3 in Chapter 3, Darth Vader already found his way into the game.

Other classic Star Wars characters are soon to follow. The heroes from the first trilogy around Han Solo, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker are reportedly planned for the Battle Royale. However, there is no official announcement from Epic Games for this yet. Nevertheless, there have already been some collaborations between Star Wars and Fortnite, making this a possibility in the future.


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