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New moves for Fortnite leaked – Will you soon be able to walk on walls?

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Epic Games is rumoured to have new moves planned for Fortnite. Three new ways to move are said to be added soon

In Fortnite, Chapter 4 launched on Sunday and as a result, quite a bit of new content appeared in the game, including a completely new map. According to the leaker “HYPEX” Epic Games is planning even more new features for the game. There is supposed to be a new movement soon.

In addition, the Jump Slide is also to be added to the game. However, even HYPEX is not sure what this means. This would probably allow the players to slide across the ground directly from the jump. Furthermore, Epic Games also seems to have a double jump planned for Fortnite.

However, these are leaks, so the rumours should be taken with a grain of salt. Epic Games has not yet confirmed the three new Movements. Furthermore, the leaker has not given any information about when the new features might appear in the game.


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