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Elyon: New class fights its way out

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Kakao Games and Bluehole Studio have announced a new class for Elyon today. The Paladin will be part of the popular MMORPG from the end of May. Those interested in the new class can now secure an exclusive outfit.

A powerful role will become part of the class list of Elyon from 25 May. The Paladin is not only a skilled melee fighter who gets in the way of his enemies with sword and shield. He also possesses the attribute Light. In addition, thanks to his aura, he is able to switch between the roles of supporter and tank, so that you can always adapt the role to the corresponding circumstances.

If the Paladin appeals to you, you can even unlock a new outfit for the class. All you have to do is register for the Elyon newsletter. Already registered users only have to open their account page and activate the newsletter. Once this is done, you will be able to access an exclusive helmet, armour and cape when the new hero is released. More information can be found on the (official website).

A new class was already introduced to the MMORPG in January of this year.

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