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Bang! superhero Deadpool conquers the Fortnite 12.30 update and even brings a new weapon: Deadpool’s Hand Cannons.

Fortnite has been in downtime since 8am for an indefinite time. The update will probably go live in the afternoon. Leakers already found interesting hints and new features in the new data.

New features around Deadpool
With the start of Season 2, the Marvel hero Deadpool moved into Fortnite and entertains with weekly challenges to unlock his outfit as a skin. Now Deadpool is spreading further into the game.

The Battle Bus gets an appropriate design, there is a new style option for his skin in which he is unmasked, the yacht is declared as the new point of interest for him and he gets his own weapon – Deadpool’s Hand Cannons. The two semi-automatic pistols deal 21 damage to enemies and have a reload time of 2.16 seconds.

More deadpool challenges
In addition to cosmetic changes and the new weapon, more Deadpool Challenges are now available. These include:

– Find the two Deadpool pistols.
– Visit Deadpool’s yacht.
– Enter a phone booth or toilet cabin to transform into the superhero’s superhero.
– Dance at Deadpool’s yacht party.
– Find Deadpool’s inflatable swimming animal/pool floaty.

New Jumppad against fall damage
Leakers have already tested a new jumppad that cancels out any fall damage. The pad can simply be put on the ground in flight. From there the player is thrown back into the air, but does not take any more damage when landing.


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