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Create your own skins? These are the changes Fortnite fans want in 2023

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Epic Games’ Battle Royale introduces many visual and gameplay innovations every year. But some content is still lacking, if the community has its way.

Whether it’s crossovers with the entire Marvel universe, lightsaber action from Star Wars or energy projectiles from Dragon Ball, Fortnite has a long tradition of releasing unusual actions with combinations of weapons, playable outfits and challenges every year. However, some wishes still remain open in 2023: According to fans, the characters should be individualised first and foremost, as well as a special Battle Pass introduced.

Customising characters according to your own wishes is a big topic for Fortnite fans. Predestined for this is the Creative Mode, whose new 2.0 version has been eagerly awaited for some time thanks to the “Unreal Editor”. Many customisation options are built into it, which could also soon include customisable characters. But it will probably be a while before that happens.

New Creative Mode – the request for individual characters

Last December, Fornite leaker “HYPEX” caused quite a stir on this topic when he quoted the boss of Fornite developer Epic Games, Tim Sweeney. The reason for this was his answer via Twitter when asked if manual characters and skins could be created and played in Creative 2.0. “Possibly. But not very soon,” was the still guarded statement from the head of Epic Games.

The HYPEX tweet was met with great interest: Over 10,000 users gave the post a Like, with over 400 of them retweeting it. In the comments, players added that a combination of two available skins was another fun feature. In addition, most prefer to be able to manually select facial details and customise characters with their outfits.

Fortnite Creative 2.0 was supposed to have been released in the New Year. But the release was pushed back to March by Epic Games, as Sweeney confirmed on January 24.

Nostalgia for everyone – The idea of the Legacy Battle Pass

With each Season in Fortnite, a new Battle Pass begins along with exclusive cosmetic items such as skins and accessories. This tradition has continued since Season 2 of the original chapter, which began in December 2017. But such promotions are usually only available for two months and are thus strictly limited in time.

In recent years, voices have grown louder that older Battle Passes should be repeatable in new special promotions. Coveted skins like “TNTina” from Chapter 2 Season 2 are not unlockable, especially for newcomers, because they were released a long time ago and are no longer available. So far, however, Epic Games has remained strict and repeatedly emphasised that the skins are no longer available as soon as the Battle Pass ends.

Many fans, meanwhile, are suggesting that a sort of “Legacy Battle Pass” be introduced, whereby even new players:inside will be able to complete outdated actions under certain conditions. According to some comments in the YouTube video by “NMG Prodigy”, many users are willing to pay additional money for older Battle Passes. Others also want to be able to swap skins within the game.


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