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International matches are currently having to take a break in football. Reason enough for the DFB to use FIFA 20. In the first eFriendly 2020, the game goes directly against top-class Spain – with superstar Marco Asensio.

Today, Monday at 18:00, Germany and Spain will meet in a friendly match – virtually. produces the stream LIVE on the new platform

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Unlike previous eFriendlys, however, not only Esportlers compete against each other. In addition to FIFA 19 World Champion Mohammed “MoAuba” Harkous (DFB) and Javier “Jra-Lion10” Romero (Spain), representatives from the U21, women’s and senior national teams will also be competing.

The games will be played on the PlayStation in four individual games. But who will be the favourite to go to the duels?

Professionals among themselves: MoAuba against JRA Lion
The two Esportlers are probably also the two best players in the country duel. FIFA 20, however, has so far been a little mixed for FIFA 19 world champions MoAuba.

He is in 29th place in the world rankings on PS4. At the first FUT Champions Cup he was seeded as world champion and also made it into the top 8, but since then only one more international qualification was added. The defensive playing style in the Esport is not so much to his liking in the current title.

JRA is only three places ahead of MoAuba in the world rankings. Qualis for the FUT Cups 2, 3 and 4 brought him there. He also came second in the Spanish offshoot of the Virtual Bundesliga. There he lost in the final to Andoni ‘AndoniiPM’ Payo Martin, who played for Atlético Madrid. But he won the eCopa RFEF 2020, a cup competition against the Spanish FIFA elite.

MoAuba also made it to the Grand Final of the German Individual Championship. This is postponed due to the Corona crisis. It will probably be a close duel without clear favorites.

Star duel: Bernd Leno against Marco Asensio
Both are world stars who are internationally known. But in eFriendly it is not about kicking for the left wing of Real Madrid and the keeper of Arsenal.

With Leno eSports, where Deniel Mutic (Mainz 05) is employed, Leno has its own gaming team. But he lost against Sascha Mockenhaupt (SV Wehen Wiesbaden) in the best-of-three at the fun tournament “Virtual 3 League Cup”.

Asensio will go into the game as the big favourite. He recently won the virtual substitute matchday of La Liga on the gamepad.

FIFA youngsters: Schlotterbeck against Ruiz Ortega
The duel between the U21 gamblers will be exciting. Nico Schlotterbeck of FC Freiburg will play for Germany, Abel Ruiz Ortega of SC Braga for Spain. The latter was eliminated in the quarter-finals of the charity event #U21FIFAChallenge. Apart from that, he seems to be a busy FIFA player who also participated in a pro-club event with his club.

Schlotterbeck made his debut in the world of esport this weekend in the Bundesliga Home Challenge (LIVE on He played a draw against Sascha Mockenhaupt from Wehen Wiesbaden. The SVWW player even had experience from the Virtual Bundesliga.

The Esport Unknown: Vanessa Fudalla versus Sheila Garcia
Undescribed Esportblaetter are the two female representatives in the international match. Fudalla plays for FF USV Jena and in the U19 national team, Garcia for Rayo Vallecano and the Spanish women’s team.

Both have not yet made a big impression on FIFA. But maybe their duel will decide the eFriendly between Germany and Spain.


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