Inspired by D&D role-playing games: If you find Elden Ring too easy, you can now make it even more aggressive


Modders are making the already difficult game even more difficult. Among other things, they are changing the class and magic system

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree was released just a few weeks ago. Since then, many players have despaired at theenormously high level of difficulty.But for one modder, the challenge in the major expansion for the role-playing game is not enough.

His mod not only makesElden Ringmore difficult, but also changes the basic mechanics of the game. This turns the Souls-like game into a role-playing game inspired by the D&D rulebook.

New classes, boss battles and more

Concretely, it’s about theW.I.P Traditional RPG Mod, which is currently in the beta phase. The main focus is on a more aggressive combat system. Some essential changes make up the mod

Class system:The classes of the underlying game are replaced by classic role-playing classes, such as mage, rogue or fighter, with the modification. In addition, there is now a class for each attribute.

At the start of the game, the class receives 20 points in its respective attribute. In addition, players choose a race for their character, which, like Baldur’s Gate 3, has advantages and disadvantages.

Bosses:The mod also adds some new boss battles. Among other things, a fight against Melina awaits you. There are also some bosses that reappear when you have defeated them and then fast-travel to the respective place of mercy.

In the battles, the bosses are initially immune to all Poise damage. However, as soon as the bosses have only 75 percent of their health left, they suffer four times the Poise damage for a short time.

How this affects the battles can be seen here:

Reworked magic system:Another change concerns the magic system, which the mod expands once again. It limits the available spells to five and divides them into three different categories:

Generator Spells are light attacks with which you generate focus points. Normal Spells are spells that consume focus points. And Ultimate Spells are particularly powerful spells that give you special bonuses. At the same time, these Ultimate Spells trigger a cooldown for all your other spells

Stamina:The stamina system has also been revised in the mod. If the stamina drops to 0, regeneration is suspended for a few seconds before the display fills up again. During this time, when regeneration is deactivated, any form of damage will stagger you.

In some respects, the mod turns the basic game on its head and makes Elden Ring even more difficult than it already is.

If you can’t get any further in the main game or Shadow of the Erdtree without the mod, take a look at our tips and guides. There you will find important information on boss fights or hidden locations in the game. We have included a link to an overview in the link box.