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Cyberpunk: Production of Project Orion has begun

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After a long period of work on Cyberpunk 2077, the development process for the game now appears to be largely complete. The development team at CD Projekt Red is therefore turning its attention to a new task. As reported by two employees, work on Project Orion has now officially begun

Four years have passed since the disastrous release of Cyberpunk 2077. Last year’s update 2.0 finally gave the title the quality that fans had hoped for at launch. Shortly afterwards, the long-awaited DLC Phantom Liberty was released, which also delighted the community.
Now the cyberpunk development team at CD Projekt Red is heading for new shores and starting work on the previously announced Project Orion.

What is Project Orion? In October 2022, CD Projekt Red had already provided a glimpse of the internal pipeline . In addition to a completely new IP and several Witcher projects it also includes a new cyberpunk game, which has so far been codenamed Orion. A newly founded studio location in Boston (Massachusetts, USA) is taking care of the development there.

Internal enthusiasm for new Cyberpunkt project

Two CDPR members have now tweeted from their arrival in Boston, revealing that the go-ahead has been given for Project Orion. They are the Narrative Director Igor Sarzyński and the Quest Director Pawel Sasko. Expert Quest Designer Sarah Gruemmer, who designed the questline for Judy, is also at the start.
Everyone seems to be full of enthusiasm and is looking forward to working on this new cyberpunk project from Boston. We can’t wait to see what they share in the coming months

We will keep you up to date on developments. You can find more information about Cyberpunk 2077 in the following overview


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