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Cyberpunk 2077: The official build planner lets you pick out the perfect skills right now

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For Update 2.0, the skill trees in Cyberpunk 2077 have been completely changed and expanded. With Phantom Liberty, there’s even a completely new skill tree! Now you can plan your build even before release!

It’s official: Update 2.0 will be released on September 21 for Cyberpunk 2077, five days before the addon Phantom Liberty! But you can already start thinking about what kind of fighter your character should be. A dangerous netrunner with monowire, a slow-motion melee fighter, an assassinating shadow or an explosion-loving cyberpsycho?

With the official Build Planner it is now possible to  tinker around even before release.

What does the Build Planner offer?

You don’t have to download anything, the (Character Planner can be opened in the browser without any problems). You then have six skill trees at your disposal. Constitution, Reflexes, Technical Ability, Intelligence and Coolness will already be familiar to cyberpunk players.

Now, however, with Relic a completely new skill tree is also part of the game This is only available to Phantom Liberty buyers in the game, so if you want to stick to the main game, just ignore it

Clicking on one of the six top categories will open up the revised skill trees. Some of the skills you will still know, others not – but they are now distributed differently and, above all, much more clearly.

Our vision for this new system was to provide players with fewer, but much more effective perks. Instead of receiving multiple low percentage increases to your damage, you will now have many opportunities to unlock completely different abilities that change the way you play.

CD Projekt Red

In the Build Planner you have 66 attribute points (for the upper categories) and 80 advantage points (for the individual skills) at your disposal – the full potential you can reach at level 60 Without Phantom Liberty, level 50 is the upper limit. When you have finished distributing your skill points, you can also easily share the result with your friends

Build suggestions from the developers

If you want to be inspired, CD Projekt Red has already presented three examples of how your character can be played differently. The skills were shown in a short video, a link to the build planner shows you directly what skills have led to the result.

Bullet-Time Ninja

This one’s fast and bloody. With Dash and Air-Dash you are quick on your feet, with the Katana you split your opponents in two. With Update 2.0, you won’t be riddled with bullets so quickly anymore, because with the right timing you can now hurl them back with your sword.

Go here for the (Build Planner for the Bullet-Time Ninja.)

Hack-&-Slash Netrunner

The Netrunner hacks its opponents even more effectively from now on, up to four hacks can now be stacked on one target. Even self-driving cars can be used as bombs. The Netrunner clearly explodes the most.  With the monowire, however, you are anything but defenceless even in direct confrontation.

Here you go to the (Build-Planner for the Hack-&-Slash Netrunner.)

Savage Slugger Solo

With a big warhammer you can do a lot of damage, but the shotgun can also do devastating damage. With update 2.0, you can now grab enemies and throw them around, a fist punch with the gorilla arms will throw them a few metres away.

Go here for the (Build Planner for the Savage Slugger Solo.)

Well, do you already know how you’re going to skill your character? Will you be inspired by CD Projekt Red’s build suggestions or will you create your own individual character? And will you be playing around in the Build Planner right now, or will you wait until the release of Update 2.0, or maybe even until Phantom Liberty? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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