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Cyberpunk 2 with a new setting? Fans claim to have discovered the time and place of the sequel

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Goodbye Night City? A theory is currently circulating among fans of Cyberpunk 2077 that the next game will take us to Chicago. We explain what’s behind it

Night City was for many the true main character of Cyberpunk 2077. The huge city with its dichotomy of brutal poverty and supreme luxury was the only setting of the role-playing game. But in the sequel (“Project Orion”) we might be traveling to a whole new place – at least that’s what some fans believe right now: They claim to have already discovered the exact location. Allegedly it will be Chicago!

Update from January 17, 2024: The developers have responded to our inquiry about the rumor 

We explain what clues the theory is based on, how it fits with statements from the developers and why Chicago would actually be an exciting setting according to the official lore.

Why supposedly Chicago?

In Cyberpunk 2077, there are posters advertising fast travel between Night City and Chicago. The route is due to be completed in 2080, three years after the events of Cyberpunk 2077 Here on Reddit you can find the advertisement and numerous fan speculations:

Found a potential cyberpunk sequel hint, japantown netrunner vendor
byu/Thatbotlando incyberpunkgame

Some fans suspect a half-hidden sequel teaser behind this. The time and location would make sense – and the statements from a developer could also point to a new location for the sequel.

Senior Writer Magda Zych from CD Projekt Red wrote at the end of 2023 that she could imagine  that later games no longer have to be set in Night City. According to her, these stories could also take place anywhere where dystopian mega-capitalism is rampant  and Chicago would be such a place according to the official lore.

Of course, this is not a confirmation, so we have asked the developers again and will let you know if we get any info.

What does Chicago look like in the Cyberpunk universe?

We’ve had a quick look at the Cyberpunk Red rulebook, which forms the basis for Cyberpunk 2077. It contains exciting information about Chicago in the alternative future:

  • 2023, the Arasaka corporation set off virus bombs in Chicago so as not to leave the city to Militech. However, it is later decontaminated, rebuilt and becomes an important center.
  • In the 2040s, many large corporations have their headquarters in the city: Militech, Continental Brands, Network 54, Petrochem, StormTech, Rocklin Augmentics and so on.
  • As of 2077, the city consists of luxury neighborhoods, party districts, old ruins, the quiet New Town, where many Nomads work, and the Emerald City, a mysterious underground district.

Sounds like a logical and rather interesting setting for a new story in the cyberpunk universe. But: This is currently pure speculation It could just as well go to another important city like Tokyo – or back to Night City. So until CD Projekt Red makes an official statement, there’s plenty of room for fan theories and speculation.

What do you think about this theory: Will the cyberpunk sequel with the working title Project Orion be set in Night City again? Or will another city be the setting? Do you think we’ll be traveling back and forth between multiple locations this time? What would be your dream setting if you could choose it?


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