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After the defeat against forZe, BIG is eliminated from the ESL Pro League (EPL) Season XI. And this despite beating the two best teams in the group.

The original decision of the German organization BIG to leave Flashpoint for a place in the EPL was questionable for many fans. But at the beginning of the tournament BIG surprised.

2:0 against NaVi, currently the best team in the world, and a very solid 2:1 against the Swedes from Fnatic. Dominant victories against the favourites of the group, could a legendary run like at the ESL One Cologne 2018 be repeated?

Hope is followed by disillusionment
But shortly after these successes, weaknesses in the team’s game became apparent again. A close match on Dust 2 and a clear defeat on Mirage against compLexity already raised doubts. Also against North and the Russians from forZe the good performance was not recalled.

So BIG is on the last place of group B with 6 points. Nevertheless worth mentioning: BIG’s lap difference of -1 is the same as that of group first NaVi.

Remaining results
Group A and B are already played out. Astralis and NaVi can look forward to the playoffs as first in the group. The second and third in the group will fight for the remaining places in the play-ins. So far these are Vitality, NiP, fnatic and forZe.

The last groups will be played from 26.03.2020 to 03.04.2020. Again, Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid in Group C as well as G2, Mousesports and Faze in Group D will fight for the first places.

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