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From AWP to Negev – Weapons with the greatest DPS and damage in CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is bursting with high damage weapons at every conceivable price. The absolute top candidates are known to CS:GO connoisseurs anyway, but who knows about damage per second?

CS:GO has no shortage of weapons that do damage. From one-tap rifles to spray machines, the buy menu has something for every conceivable situation and play style. As a rule, the prices of weapons differ depending on their damage potential. But there are differences.

In CS:GO, a high damage per hit is decisive for the playability of the weapon. After all, the faster the opponent is brought down, the better. However, other factors such as rate of fire, accuracy and mobility also come into play to call a gun good. Damage per second is less relevant, unlike in other first-person shooters.

AWP – The King among Rifles

The AWP sniper rifle is rightly considered the most powerful weapon in the game. Due to the one-hit kills, this weapon is feared and perfect for holding a spot. The damage is the greatest in the game, even enemies with Armor go down with a hit in the chest and stomach region. The damage is always above the 100 mark. A hit to the head even does 448 points of damage, which makes it possible to take out three or more players standing behind each other at the same time.

In terms of damage per second (DPS), however, the expensive weapon is anything but high-class. Due to the long loading time, which is typical for sniper rifles, the DPS value is only 79. However, this value says nothing about the strength of the AWP. In the hands of good players, a well-placed shot is enough to make the difference.

Negev – Rarely good despite highest DPS

Does the DPS value make a difference in terms of playability? We can answer this question with a clear no. Although in CS:GO the Negev machine gun clearly has the highest damage per second – 583 DPS – the weapon is by no means a top option.

Due to the inaccuracy, slow mobility as well as the difficult spray control, the playability of the weapon is only worth a look in special situations. However, if you go into a force buy, the Negev machine gun for $1,700 is a weapon that can do tremendous damage on the CT side on a hold at close range.

AK-47 – The secret weapon of the T-side
Among assault rifles, the AK-47 is second to none. The T-side must go on the offensive, but with the AK-47, the perfect tool for the job is at hand. Despite the opponent’s armour, a tap to the head is enough to bring him down. The damage per second here is 360 DPS, which is in the upper quarter.

Besides the tremendous precision combined with the damage potential of the weapon, it is recommended to master the spray pattern of the AK. Because of the variance after the first shots, the assault rifle clearly loses accuracy. Nevertheless, the Kalashnikov is one of the best weapons in the game from the overall package, also in terms of cost.

M4A4 – The CT Universal Weapon

The M4A4 assault rifle is the CT equivalent of the AK-47, but differs slightly in some aspects. The weapon is a more versatile option due to its superior accuracy, making it better suited for sprays. Despite the relatively high damage, the rifle lacks the one-tap potential of the AK-47 and requires significantly more shots.

However, in terms of pure damage output, this is still the best rifle available for CTs in a full round purchase. The powerful spray is also noticeable via the DPS value, which is 367 and slightly better than that of the AK-47.

UMP-45 – The affordable option

SMGs are not one of the most popular options in CS:GO, but they serve a very specific purpose. If you are in an Eco

-round, the UMP-45 may be the best option. With a fast rate of fire, decent accuracy from short to medium range and surprisingly high damage, it is a very versatile weapon.

The high rate of fire of the UMP-45 is also reflected in the DPS value of 389. Thus, the light machine pistol is ahead in this category. Although the weapon is still only useful on certain occasions, those who need to save money but still don’t want to forego damage potential will gladly reach for the UMP.


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