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Counter-Strike 2 isn’t even out yet and is already plagued by a terrible plague

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In CS2, the first cheaters are already appearing and brazenly taking the top spot in the world rankings.

Counter-Strike 2 is apparently about to be released: At the beginning of this month, many new players were invited to the currently running beta and on 23 September, according to leaks, the first season in the shooter is already set to begin.

All players are invited to play the game.

However, the shooter is already plagued by the biggest problem of its predecessor, as the first cheaters are cheating their way to the top of the rankings.

Cheaters are already spoiling your fun

Valve has reworked the rated Ranked mode for CS2 and relaunched it under the name Premier . This mode offers, among other things, a new rating system, shortened games with 12 instead of 15 rounds (MR12) and various rankings

The cheaters are already here: But only a few days after the release of the new competitive premier mode of Counter-Strike 2, players are already reporting a flood of cheaters, which is probably also related to the fact that the beta was opened to many new accounts on September 1.

The gameplay video of a particularly brazen cheater has now been shared by ThourCS on X (formerly Twitter):

A cheater named Rustic appears to be using some sort of ESP wall hack that allows him to see enemies and their movements through walls and other objects. The footage from CS2’s Spectator camera shown in the video gives a glimpse of what such a hack looks like in action.

While in Spectator mode enemies are visible through walls, ESP hacks often use coloured boxes or other markings to highlight enemies.

Specially brazen: With an impressive winrate of 100 percent, he doesn’t even try to hide his cheating or at least pretend to play the game in an honest way. He is currently seventh in the world rankings, and some of his cheater friends from the video are also high up in the rankings.

Although Valve is constantly improving its anti-cheating systems, cheating remains a cat-and-mouse game between the hackers and the game developers, with both sides constantly trying to outdo each other.

Let’s hope that many players will also use the Overwatch system in CS2, in which they rate a replay of suspicious players and thus cheaters who were previously undetected can also be banned.


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