Will we soon see a Call of Duty: Warzone movie? Extraction 2 director shows interest


Are we going to see a Call of Duty movie soon after 20 years? Extraction 2 director shows interest and gives the community hope

After several years of the Call of Duty franchise, there is hardly a platform on which the world’s most successful first-person shooter has not made it. Whether it’s PlayStation, Xbox or PC, no system is safe from the FPS, even a board game is planned for the near future.

The only thing Call of Duty is still missing is its own movie, in which Price, Soap and Co. shoot their way through the history of the world. Extraction 2 director Sam Hargrave is now giving the community hope for a screen debut soon.

Call of Duty: The Movie

With Extraction 2, the sequel to the most successful Netflix Original Movie of all time will be released on 16 June, in which lead actor Chris Hemsworth is once again confronted with an almost impossible mission.

Director Sam Hargrave has now spoken out during an interview about whether he was influenced by Call of Duty during filming and what the chances are for a CoD film of his own:

Actually, I only know this IP (Call of Duty, editor’s note) to some extent, so it wasn’t a big inspiration for me. Now I can’t speak for the stunt team that helped design a lot of this stuff, or for Joe Russo when he wrote it – maybe that was a big inspiration, I don’t know

Caution please!

But video game adaptations are notoriously tricky subjects and can sometimes go completely to shit like Street Fighter, Far Cry or the infamous Super Mario Bros. movie.

Although there is no shortage of bad films based on games, there are nevertheless many positive examples of successful projects.

Accordingly, the CoD games were rarely about plot first, yet a fanbase can quickly be put on edge should they disagree with basic things like cast or a plot too far removed from the original story.

(In real life, British actor Barry Sloan modelled for Cpt. Price. Would he be a good choice in a film too?)
(In real life, British actor Barry Sloan modelled for Cpt. Price. Would he be a good choice in a film too?)

Actor casting for iconic characters like Captain Price, John “Soap” MacTavish or even the ever-veiled Simon “Ghost” Riley is likely to be particularly keenly watched and judged by fans in a CoD movie.

Hopefully, a potential film will end up being more similar in quality to a The Last of Us, The Witcher or Tomb Raider than an Alone in the Dark or Mortal Kombat – Annihilation, which are considered two of the worst game adaptations of all time.