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So it’s true: Warhammer 40K has now officially arrived in Call of Duty

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The Emperor will also protect you in the latest Call of Duty from Season 2 Reloaded. We have all the info on release and content and the special Warhammer game mode

After Skeletor, Homelander and Alucard Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone finally get a crossover that will get the flags waving, at least here in the editorial office: At the start of Season 2 Reloaded, you will no longer be fighting for the United States, Great Britain or Russia, but for the God-Emperor of Mankind!

Warhammer 40K is here – and in three versions. You can throw yourself into the fray as a giant Space Marine in the new Juggermosh mode, alternatively join the deeply religious Sororitas or dress your operators in Imperial Guard gear to make the Primarch extra proud.

Of course, Call of Duty wouldn’t be Call of Duty if all these skins didn’t cost an awful lot of money – so let’s go through the big update for Season 2 Reloaded step by step.

  • When does Season 2 Reloaded start for MW3?
  • New map: The House
  • New map variants: Airborne and Skidrow
  • New skins from Warhammer 40K
  • New modes: Juggermosh and Bounty
  • New weapons: Soulbringer and SOA Subverter
  • New features in Zombies and Warzone

When will Season 2 Reloaded start for MW3?

The best news first: Season 2 Reloaded will start very soon, on March 6, 2024. The gates are expected to open around 7 p.m. German time, the preload for the update has already started, so fire up your launchers to keep the waiting time after the starting signal as short as possible

New map: The House

(The house looks noticeably different in MW3 than in Vanguard.)
(The house looks noticeably different in MW3 than in Vanguard.)

The House was already a common alternative to Shipment in Vanguard a few years ago: A small, compact arena map for 6v6, where you can level up weapons and grind challenges. For MW3, the map has been significantly adapted in terms of atmosphere: Instead of a barricaded shack, an airy construction site awaits you

New map variants: Airborne and Skidrow

Because the devs of MW3 just can’t get enough of all this zombie-alien goo, there are also two new overgrown variants of Skidrow and Terminal

New skins from Warhammer 40K

The rest of Season 2 is all about the God-Emperor. There will be various skin bundles, including the Sororitas, Space Marines and Guardsmen. As usual, there will also be time-limited events in which you can unlock exclusive camouflages, emblems and more. The bundles are expected to be priced somewhere between 20 and 30 euros

(Three of the new Warhammer skins.)
(Three of the new Warhammer skins.)

In addition to the Warhammer bundles, there are of course tons of other new skins, including another co-op with King Kong and Dune.

New modes: Juggermosh and Bounty

Season 2 Reloaded introduces two new modes that you can start via separate playlists

  • Bounty is basically an HVT version of Team Deathmatch. The person with the most kills is marked as a VIP. If the enemies shoot down VIPs, they get bonus points. Easy.
  • Juggermosh sounds much more exciting: Here you take on the role of space marine juggernauts and fight for control of a powerful chainsword melee weapon that turns enemies into goulash with one swipe.
    (In Juggermosh you play the mighty Space Marines.)
    (In Juggermosh you play the mighty Space Marines.)

    New weapons: Soulbringer and SOA Subverter

    As usual, two new weapons await you in Season 2 Reloaded, which you have to unlock through weapon challenges:

    • The Soulbringer is a razor-sharp ritual sword that, like all other melee weapons, kills with a single strike.
    • The SOA Subverter gives you the highest rate of fire of all battle rifles, provided you can control the recoil.

    What else is new?

    The Zombie mode is being expanded to include new story missions, another boss (Keres) and the so-called Dark Aether Rift, which you have to conquer for particularly powerful rewards.

    In Warzone there are three major changes:

    • The research ship Fortune’s Keep moves across the map. Those who fight their way through the corridors can get their hands on powerful loot, including …
    • The new field equipment Portable Decontamination Station allows you to survive in the deadly gas beyond the circle by creating a bubble of … um … counter gas around you.
    • With the new Killstreak Tankbuster you can rain down an orbital blast that penetrates through buildings, making it a perfect counter for campers entrenched in any building. Especially in the lategame, this weapon should shake up the meta quite a bit.

    For the rest of Season 2, various other little things are planned, including more events, time-limited promotions and, and, and. The season is expected to last another 30 days, so you have until the beginning of April 2024 to complete the current Battle Pass before Season 3 continues. The Emperor protects.

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