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Presentation of CoD: Modern Warfare 2 as early as June?

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Insiders report that Infinity Ward is working on the development of CoD: Modern Warfare 2. A first trailer seems to be in sight.

The announcement of the latest Call of Duty instalment could already be scratching at the doorstep. Well-known insider Tom Henderson seems certain that Modern Warfare 2 will be unveiled by developer Infinity Ward as early as June.

According to the insider, he has several sources pointing to an early announcement of Modern Warfare 2. It could happen during Summer Games Fest 2022, according to Henderson, as the news was thought to be in the context of an event like E3. However, E3 was cancelled this year, leaving only Summer Games Fest 2022 in that time frame.

This would allow for an announcement on June 9. However, Henderson has also received information about it considering June 2. Leaker “TheGhostOfHope” is certain in his Twitter post on Tuesday that a trailer for Modern Warfare 2 will be shown on June 2.

A first gameplay trailer featuring Infinity Ward’s campaign is to be shown. In addition, Henderson’s sources are said to have more details on the announcement of the multiplayer in Modern Warfare 2. This is supposed to take place in August. However, the insider is not sure if it will happen during an event in CoD: Warzone as usual.

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