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Friday, July 23, 2021

Only Nerfs in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded? These weapons have been buffed

New updates are regularly released for Call of Duty and these often include balance changes. In the Season 4 Reloaded Patch, this time it hits numerous weapons.

There are massive changes for many weapons in the mid-season patch for the fourth season of Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s one of the biggest balance patches the development team at Raven has ever released. In the process, a majority of the weapons have received one or more nerfs.

Since the Black Ops integration, there have been repeated complaints from players that the Time to Kill (TTK) is too low. This is mainly due to something called “power creep”. By adding new weapons that are better than the old ones, the TTK has decreased more and more. This in turn has led to players dying faster and thus having little time to react.

Raven generally wants to reward rather precise players. Therefore, the developers have made many changes to the weapons in recent months to reduce TTK. While statistically there will always be a meta weapon, the developer wants to keep it in check with skill-based factors.

The changes have now hit almost every single gun in Warzone. Even weapons that were hardly played, like the MG 34 or the FAL, have received heavy nerfs. So almost all weapons are now slightly worse than before.

More or less the same despite the change
One of the weapons that has been reworked in this patch is the Swiss K31. Only the aiming animation has been changed and the optics of the sight have been changed. The new sight is now the same as for the ZRG 20mm.

Before, there was an arrow which made many players not want to play with it. The arrow obscured the target and was not very helpful when aiming the shots. Now there is a classic crosshair, which is also available on other sniper rifles.

These weapons have been buffed
Only a few weapons have received a direct buff. For example, some rifles now do more damage, but at the same time adjustments have been made to the recoil or other areas. The following weapons, however, have only positive changes:

Attack Rifles:

– Grey 5.56

– Krig 6

– M13

Light machine guns:

– M60

Machine guns:


The above weapons have had their damage increased so that they are more effective at low ranges. This benefits the assault rifles as these three guns have very little recoil and weakened in damage.

As a slow machine gun, the M60 was in desperate need of the extra damage as the recoil and general speed of the weapon was not great. The ISO has also hardly been played since release and therefore benefits from the buff.


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