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No CoD for 2023 – Is a new title coming after all?

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At the beginning of the year it was said that Activision would not release a new Call of Duty for 2023. Now apparently a new game is to be released after all.

After reporting earlier this year that no new Call of Duty would be released in 2023, Activision has now teased a new title after all in their Q2 2022 financial press release. In it, according to industry insider Tom Henderson, they mention the development of a “premium content” title for 2023.

What content can we expect in 2023?

“Premium Content” at Activision usually stands for the annual Call of Duty releases, which is why many fans expect a remastered title. However, some fans believe that the “Premium Content” could be Activision’s leaked DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) project.

DMZ, according to Activision, will be an open-world title that will be released with Modern Warfare II in October and will add a new game mode. The mode is said to be more reminiscent of Escape form Tarkov than a classic Call of Duty.

Whether a Call of Duty remaster, a new Call of Duty or perhaps a completely independent game will be released in 2023 cannot be said for sure at this point.

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