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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Modern Warfare 2: Multiplayer leak confirms DMZ, CoD”s assault on Hunt & Tarkov…

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Several US sports fans have taken to social media to share new footage from CoD MW2, confirming earlier leaks

Several new and somewhat blurry shots from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are currently making the rounds on Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram and other social platforms. They come from several US football players of the L.A. Rams, who apparently took part in a private playtest by Activision.

The athletes are likely to be among the first to play the 2022 CoD. It is still unclear whether they had the manufacturer”s consent to share the images – some of the photos have since been deleted from Instagram and Twitter.

The shots show the shooter”s menus and multiplayer lobby for the first time, confirming one of the biggest and most sensational leaks surrounding MW2, namely the big DMZ mode.

What to see?

An image from NFL player Cameron Dicker apparently shows the menu in Modern Warfare 2”s regular multiplayer. The lobby looks a lot like the one from 2019”s Modern Warfare, with menu items for weapons, operators and the barracks for stats, badges and so on. What”s new is the lobby code, on the bottom left of the image. Apparently, this will make it easier to invite friends into private matches.

Another clip shows a very short gameplay sequence, but hardly any new details can be discerned here. So far, there has only been official material from the single player mode. Here you can find, for example, 7 minutes of gameplay in one piece from the campaign.

The most exciting might be the last picture: The blurry image apparently shows the CoD Hub – a sort of central menu from which the various products can be launched (such as Singleplayer, Warzone 2 and so on).

Here you can clearly see the menu item DMZ which confirms the big new and secret mode that has been much speculated about.

The fact that it is already included in an alpha build for partners and influencers strongly suggests that DMZ is already an integral part of the base game. However, official marketing for DMZ is completely missing so far.

What is DMZ?

Insider information about the DMZ mode has been available for a long time, but could never be confirmed until now. It is said to be an extraction shooter similar to Hunt Showdown, Escape from Tarkov or Hazard Zone from BF2042.

Extraction shooter is still a relatively new subgenre compared to hero or battle royale shooters, which could replace the battle royale trend in the future:

The first report about DMZ came from CoD insider and leaker Tom Henderson. According to him, DMZ should be an integral part of the launch package of Modern Warfare 2 and be available from the release on 28 October – the new images now support his thesis.

This is what the leaks say: In the DMZ (stands for “demilitarised zone”), players are on the hunt for mission objectives in small squads and have to rescue hostages, destroy guns or secure radioactive material, for example. This involves both PvE battles against the AI and PvP confrontations with other players. A great attraction of the extraction shooter is the loot thrill: equipment is permanently lost if you don”t make it off the map alive.

The new map from Warzone 2 is supposed to be used as the open world. Read more about the new Battle Royale planned for the end of 2022 in our Warzone 2.0 overview!

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