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Match-fixing quake in China – over 40 professionals banned by Valve

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A huge scandal is rocking the Chinese Dota 2 scene. Just before the start of the second tour of the Dota Pro Circuit, more than 40 players have been banned by Valve and tournament organiser Perfect World for match fixing or cheating

A huge scandal is rocking the Chinese Dota 2 scene. Over 40 players in the Chinese leagues of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) have been banned for violations of fair play regulations.

Match Fixers and Cheaters Banned

For some time now, there have been cheating and match-fixing allegations against some of the players in the Chinese scene. After the first investigations were initiated by Perfect World back in January, the matter seemed to fizzle out after Valve’s last major wave of bans. Especially since the two main suspects (EHOME and Knights) were apparently still able to participate in the last Major in Lima without any problems. Today, Valve and Perfect World announced a massive wave of bans against more than 40 players from the Chinese professional scene. Although specific reasons for the ban were not mentioned, the maphacking and matchfixing accusations were generally known and will probably have been the reason.

Three types of bans were imposed: 21 professionals were banned from Dota 2 tournaments forever, while 13 players were banned for 2 years and 12 others will have to serve a one-year ban.

In total, five teams from the two DPC leagues in China are affected and they were accordingly disqualified from the competition a few days before the start of the second tour. As a result, six spots are open for qualification in the second division instead of two, while there is one additional promoted team in Division 1. Aster.Aries, who were actually relegated as the penultimate team in the first tour, can also be happy about an unexpected stay in the class.

Shambles for the Chinese scene

For years, the Chinese Dota 2 scene has been touted as the strongest region in Dota 2, but now it is already suffering from a years-long drought. Since Wings’ World Championship title at The International 2016, no Chinese team has ascended the Dota 2 throne. A trend that was also evident at the last Lima Major, when only one of four Chinese teams reached the Top 8.

Whether the region can emerge stronger from the scandal remains to be seen. But the wave of bans is also a great opportunity for previously unknown players and teams to move up and reconnect with the world’s top players.

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