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Many bug fixes and small nerfs – The Warzone Update from 6 September

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Surprisingly, a patch for Call of Duty: Warzone 2 was released. The Cronen Squall but also the RPK had to take their turn.

With the release of the new (Patch on 06. 09) comes long-awaited bug fixes for the mission of 9mm Deamon, the map Vondel and small adjustments to the Cronen Squall and RPK

More Damage for Headshots

Battle Rifles like the Cronen Squall stand up well in the meta compared to Auto Rifles. Good TTK (Time to Kill) and Range are the keywords here. With the Reducing Damage at Close Range and Lowering Neck and Torso Damage multipliers  crown players will have to count more on long range and the half-auto fire mode in the future.

Similar changes have also been made for the RPK . While their Damage at Close Range has been reduced and all multipliers have been lowered their Range for Damage at Close Range increases and the Headshot multiplier This means that the RPK can now take advantage of “short range” damage at a longer range before the damage drops off and players with high headshot rates are rewarded

Bugs as far as the eye can see

Call of Duty has always had many bugs over the years. Missing textures, collision problems or tracking issues have unfortunately become as much a part of the game as Darkmatter on the AK47

The new patch provides you with a remedy for several errors in the mission of the 9mm Deamon From now on you can’t progress the Headshot Task with any gun, but now you have to explicitly collect your headshots with a handgun to get the Akimbo Attachment 

However, if you already have the Deamon maximum level without getting the attachment, you may be out of luck and have to wait for another patch. Many players report that the bug has been fixed for ongoing tasks but not when unlocking.

Another bugfix that will please some gamers is that the performance problems on the map Vondel have been mostly fixed. The reason for the problems were Packet Bursts

The well-known Shadow-Ban-Bug, where players are wrongly classified as cheaters by the system, has not been fixed yet. As soon as something changes, you’ll find it here!

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