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(Looks better with every trailer) – CoD MW3 shows zombies for the first time and triggers excitement

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In a new cinematic trailer, the new Call of Duty introduces its zombie mode, thrilling many fans.

Zombies and Modern Warfare? With the new Call of Duty, familiar characters like Soap and Kate Laswell are to meet the dangerous undead for the first time. In a first cinematic trailer, the developers now show how it all happens. An old acquaintance also plays an unexpected role. Many fans are already excited.

How the zombie mode works

You can check out the new trailer right here Apparently responsible for the zombie outbreak is Victor Zakhaev, an antagonist from 2019’s Modern Warfare who was actually presumed dead. But just see for yourself:

Not only do the developers release the video, though, but they also introduce the zombie mode in more detail in a (blog entry

The cooperative game mode is expected to be available along with campaign and multiplayer right at release of Modern Warfare 3 . Accompanied by Soap and Captain Sergei Ravenov, you shall fight more zombies on your mission than ever before However, you will also be targeted by living opponents, namely mercenaries subordinate to Zakhaev.

In addition to some special story missions, you will also play Open World missions where you will have to survive the zombie hordes, and successfully extract them in the end. In the process, you can apparently encounter other player squads, but they won’t be a threat to you

What the fans say

The trailer, which lasts about four minutes, is already going down great with many fans. Some are excited about the return of certain characters, such as MavisXe on (YouTube):

I’m so happy that Ravenov is back! He was easily one of my favorite characters in Cold War. I’m excited to see how the story has gotten to this point

The return of Zakhaevis also a surprise, which was not expected after his dramatic departure, writes (HunterTV) on Twitter:

He was shot and thrown down a missile silo, and barely got a scratch.

While many fans aren’t ready to get excited about the next Call of Duty just yet after the rather disappointing Modern Warfare 2, most comments acknowledge that the trailer already looks pretty good. For example, (FNATIC Stallion)


I’m afraid of how excited I’m getting about this now

Of course, some fans feel that you can’t really judge the game mode until you’ve seen gameplay. This will surely follow in the foreseeable future.

What do you think of the first trailer for the zombie mode in Modern Warfare 3? Have you fought the undead in previous titles in the series, and are you excited to see it become possible again? Do the developers’ plans sound promising to you? Or could you do without zombies in CoD anyway? Feel free to write us in the comments!


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