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Frustration & rage among cheaters: Warzone celebrates success with Ricochet

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The anti-cheat software Ricochet seems to be doing well in the fight against cheaters. Videos show how users are punished by Aimbots.

Gloating about damage is usually misplaced. But when cheaters are punished in competitive multiplayer games for their obviously unfair and harmful behaviour, I think every honest player feels it is at least justified.

This is exactly what the anti-cheat software of Call of Duty: Warzone aims to achieve. The programme, called Ricochet, went online a month ago and since then has been intended to prevent cheaters from spoiling the enjoyment of the game for others. The software has apparently been relatively successful in doing so.

Convicted cheaters cause no damage

Videos now show, for example, that users of aimbots and similar cheats that result in extremely high accuracy can be detected by Ricochet. Their hits are then no longer registered by the server and they do not cause any damage to other players. The Warzone streamer AverageJoeWo experienced this:

This, of course, in turn makes the cheaters an easy target for other players and they experience frustration and disappointment much like honest players who run into a cheater. Another clip obviously shows the effects of Ricochet from the perspective of a cheater:

However, there may also already be a way to circumvent Ricochet’s measures, such as adding random scatter to Aimbots, pushing cheater accuracy to a more unobtrusive level.

Consequently, developers will have to further expand and improve their measures against cheaters in order to keep up with the opposition. Why the fight against cheaters often resembles an arms race and why cheats were once also part of gaming culture.

What do you think of Activision’s anti-cheat software? Have you noticed an improvement since the launch of Ricochet or has little changed? Feel free to write us your opinion in the comments.

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