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For the Emperor! – Leak reveals crossover between Warhammer 40k and Call of Duty

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Warhammer and Call of Duty don’t go together? Wait and see! A leak reveals the future cooperation between the two franchises

Another collaboration between a famous franchise and Call of Duty has been discovered. This time it’s off to a distant sci-fi future where humanity must defend itself against orcs, aliens and chaos itself.

Warhammer meets Call of Duty

After The Boys, The Walking Dead and Dune, the next crossover in Call of Duty has now been spotted on the horizon, or rather in the game files. If the revelations of the dataminers on X are to be believed, we are soon to see a cooperation between the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Warzone and Modern Warfare 3

In addition to logos, banners and playable awards, the file detectives also discovered characters from WH40k who apparently act as bosses during an event. According to speculation, we have to take down the four monstrous enemies Baton Jailer, Swamp Monster, Orgre Butcher and Mummy in the course of an as yet unspecified event.

Whether the famous Space Marine bolters, chainswords and armor will also be available is still unknown.

However, such iconic items should be an integral part of such a cooperation and, after all, the Warhammer 40k universe offers almost endless possibilities for a game like Call of Duty with its enormous arsenal of firearms.

Currently, it is assumed that this will be a PvE event that may be used in zombie mode.

However, due to the fact that the next season has already been provided with a cooperation (The Walking Dead), it will probably be a while before we can shoot our way through Call of Duty as a Space Marine or Imperial Guard.

We’ll keep you up to date on this exciting crossover

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