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Fallout in CoD Modern Warfare 3? Season 4 to get three very wild crossovers according to leak

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In addition to Bethesda’s role-playing game, an anime and a dark comic book hero could also find their way into the shooter

Dune, Godzilla or Warhammer – for the crossovers for Warzone and Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty has always drawn on a wide range of popular games, films and series.

For the upcoming Season 4, dataminers claim to have already found three planned collaborations with well-known brands. The current Fallout hype is to be included, as well as the upcoming cinema reboot of The Crow and for anime fans, the Gundam franchise is to be taken into account.

The costume parade continues

The source of the leak can be traced back to dataminers. CODWarfareForum named the brands Fallout, Gundam and The Crow in a post on X, formerly Twitter:

What kind of content can be expected? As a rule, the crossovers include special bundles that can be purchased in the store. These contain skins for weapons and operators. Often there are also other cosmetic items such as weapon tags, stickers or banners for your own profile.

When could these crossovers appear?  The start of Season 4 is scheduled for May 29, 2024, but it is common for the themed bundles to be spread over a complete season.

Just last week, the Reloaded update was released with lots of new content for Season 3, in which King Kong and Godzilla were also up to mischief as part of crossover events:

Please note that these are unconfirmed leaks and the rumored crossovers may not find their way into the game at all or in a different way.

Do you like the planned collaborations or would you like to see skins for other brands? Are you a fan of sometimes very eye-catching disguises or do they bother you in a military shooter like CoD? Let us know in the comments:


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