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Saturday, February 4, 2023

CoD streamer claims “skill-based hit registration” in Warzone 2 exists!

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Famous Warzone streamer TimTheTatman believes he has proof that there is skill-based hit registration in Warzone 2.0.

Until now, it has only been rumours and conjecture within the community that hit registration in Warzone 2 is dependent on each player’s individual skill. Now streamer TimTheTatman believes he has proof. We took a closer look and tell you what’s true.

Streamer shows proof

After it was suspected a few weeks ago that the crotch sounds in Call of Duty could be skill-based, players are now doubting the hit registration in Warzone 2.0, claiming it is intentionally worse in good players to compensate for a skill difference in firefights.

So far there has been no clear evidence for this and most in the Warzone community do not believe in a hidden mechanic.

The theory is often fuelled by subjective perception, minimal ping delays and ultimately probably our ego, which doesn’t want to admit that we simply missed.

I have evidence that there is skill-based hit registration in this game. I didn’t quite believe it until this moment where I was in a gunfight with someone […]

After a failed gunfight, the streamer TimTheTatman is now convinced that there is skill-based hit registration in Warzone 2.0. According to the video the streamer uploaded to YouTube, you can easily understand his change of heart.

Hitbox problem?

In fact, after looking at the pictures, it’s hard not to believe in skill-based hit registration. Even in slow motion, it is clear that he should have hit his opponent at least once.

The initial theory of many that the problem is an error with the hitbox hardly makes sense here, since his opponent hardly moves at all. Others believe that since the hitbox is very small in a crouched position, TimTheTatman only hit the backpack, which does not count towards a player’s hitbox.

So far, there has been no comment from the developers on the theory of skill-based hit registration in Warzone 2, and currently they should also have enough to do with the completion of the postponed Season 2.

By the way, the claim of skill-based step noises quickly turned out to be false back then. Whether that is also the case this time remains to be seen. As long as there are no clear tests or a statement from the developers, the CoD community will probably not take off its alu-hat any time soon.


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