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Saturday, February 24, 2024

CoD MW3 goes on a real map offensive with Season 2, start date known

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On February 7, Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone will enter a new round. And Season 2 brings lots of new maps

New content for CoD Modern Warfare 3 is on the way: After new weapons, the Ranked mode and the Rio map were added in Season 1 Reloaded, all eyes are now on Season 2.

The trailer is already available – and it announces a real map offensive! Here’s all the info in a nutshell

Season 2 release date

Seaosn 2 of MW3 and Warzone will be released on February 7, 2024 This has already been officially announced via the X account (formerly Twitter) of CoD:

As usual, Season 2 will start in Germany in the evening around 7 pm. The Battle Pass from Season 1 will then be deactivated and mothballed

The new maps

Four new multiplayer maps in one go have been confirmed for Season 2. There are no remakes, all maps have been completely redeveloped

You can already take a first look in the accompanying trailer:


The new Season 2 maps are:

  • Stash House (6vs6)
  • Vista (6vs6)
  • Departures (6vs6)
  • Operation Tin Man (War Mode)

After there was no replenishment for War Mode in Season 1, we can finally play a second Operation   in Season 2. As usual, attackers have to complete mission objectives one after the other, while the defenders have to fend off the attacks.

Zombie theme

Season 2 is also undead-themed: For one, a crossover with The Walking Dead has been announced (Grimes and Michonne will likely both come into play as operators).

On the other hand,the Hordepoint mode returns. Fans will be familiar with this from CoD WW2 – the two teams have to capture and hold flag points on the map while being attacked by zombies.

What else is in it?

As usual, there will also be a new Battle Pass in Season 2 with 20 sectors and a total of 100 rewards. New weapons are also planned, but there are no details yet

We are also expecting new events, challenges and operators. The obligatory Reloaded update will come around the middle of the season.


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