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CoD fans are angry: mobile version of Warzone already outperforms main game in one area

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Call of Duty: Warzone will soon land on smartphones and comes with the lobby size that many PC and console players also want

From March 21, 2024  the Battle Royale Call of Duty Warzone will also be available on mobile. Another smartphone spin-off of the popular shooter series will be released under the name Warzone Mobile but it can be played with the main game account and features cross-progression.

One detail has some PC and console players looking enviously at the mobile version: the lobby size.

Warzone Mobile offers 120-seater lobbies on Verdansk

The battle royale map Verdansk can accommodate up to 120 players in Warzone Mobile. The announcement is causing frustration among many fans, as can be read under CharlieIntel’s X-Post.

Why are fans angry? Many players want bigger lobbies for the PC and console versions of Warzone. The fact that this wish is now being fulfilled on mobile is not going down well with parts of the community.

What is the current status of Warzone?  Urzikstan currently has a player limit of 100. The maps in the past offered more space, Al Mazrah started with 150 players, but this was reduced to 100 with an update. The old map Verdansk from the early days of Warzone also had 150 players

What do the players say?

They are anything but enthusiastic. For example,Eric under CharlieIntel’s post, he commented: “120 players on mobiles. 100 players on consoles and PCs. Somebody explain that. “

Chronic Chqser complains: “Mobile gets everything PC and console gamers have been begging for for months, but all we get is a new battle rifle. “ Kartidre agrees: “Mobile is doing better than us right now. “

Many players still seem to have the “old Verdansk” in mind as the ideal Warzone map. The fact that they now have to reach for their cell phones makes them angry. Will you be checking out the mobile version of Warzone? Or did you give up on the battle royale a long time ago? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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