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In Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, the focus is often on multiplayer. Now the developer gives a detailed insight into the campaign.

The developer of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has published a long blog entry about the shooter’s single player campaign. As the title suggests, it will be based on the real Cold War, but in the end it will of course tell its own fictional story.

If you want to experience the story completely on your own, you should not read any further at this point. Because the developer already reveals some smaller spoilers.

What is the story of Cold War about?
The latest offshoot of the call-of-duty series is the successor to the very first Black Ops from 2010, and accordingly there will be a reunion with well-known characters like Frank Woods, Alex Mason and Jason Hudson.

Nevertheless, you will also see some new faces – like Russell Adler, for example. Developer Treyarch wants to pick up veterans of the first two black-ops parts, but of course also wants to address new fans who joined the game more recently.

This is how the singleplayer missions work
As a small foretaste of the single-player campaign, the team also gives an insight into the course of three of the missions and spoils a little bit. They will send you into quite varied areas: From downtown Amsterdam to Vietnam and Russia.

“Nowhere Left to Run”
This is the first mission of the campaign. On New Year’s Day 1981, CIA agents try to catch two important masterminds behind a hostage-taking. Not only will old characters like Woods and Mason make an appearance, but one of the new heroes will also be introduced: Russell Adler.

Of course, not everything goes off without a hitch and you have to pursue your target over the rooftops of the city and engage in various shootings. Towards the end of the mission, you will get the first surprise: An old acquaintance, whom you already thought was dead, returns. And he doesn’t seem to have anything good in mind. But developer Treyarch hasn’t revealed exactly who he is yet.

“Fracture Jaw”
In search of the mastermind behind the events of Black Ops: Cold War, the second mission already includes a flashback to the Vietnam War. Here you will meet Perseus for the first time: A mysterious Russian spy, who is considered by many to be just a legend.

In Vietnam, the atmosphere of the war will be the main focus: Not only will you fight as a foot soldier in the jungle and rice paddies, but you will also be able to watch the action from above while flying a helicopter – of course, this is very reminiscent of the very first Black Ops.

The second mission will not be your last trip to Vietnam. There will be more frequent flashbacks throughout the campaign to drive the story forward. One of the later missions will also give you a lot of freedom.

“Desperate Measures”
After you have gotten to Perseus, you must move behind the Iron Curtain and infiltrate the KGB headquarters in the Soviet Union. Here you take control of a double agent.

The goal of the developer is to give you an insight into the other side and show you how the KGB operates. Here you have different possibilities to achieve your goal. Treyarch states that you can for example cheat your way through the headquarters by posing as a Russian agent and talking to your “colleagues”.

But you have to be careful: If your cover is blown, the mission will quickly end in a gun battle. This is already the end of the first, concrete preview of the single-player campaign of CoD: Cold War.

What does the multiplayer of Cold War bring?
Of course, the multiplayer mode of the game will again be a strong focus. The developer already introduced this in the past. In our FAQ we list all important information about weapons, Battle Royale and the zombie mode.



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