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Call of Duty: Warzone – All biometric scanner locations and what rewards they bring you

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A convenient overview of all biometric scanners on Rebirth Island and the rewards they bring you

The popular biometric scanners have returned along with Rebirth Island. On a total of six different levels, we receive rewards that can make the difference between victory and defeat. We have marked all the scanner locations for you on a map and told you what rewards await you

Overview of all biometric scanners

Scattered across Rebirth Island are the sometimes well-hidden biometric scanners, which, when used, spit out keycards that you can exchange for weapons, killstreaks and other items at Buy Stations.

The cards are divided into a total of six different levels. In addition to the classic Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers, there are also Polyatomar and Orion, which are among the rarest, but also promise the greatest rewards.

As some players have reported, if a squad member is nearby, you’ll get better cards if you use the scanner. So it’s definitely worth taking and using the scanners as a team

These rewards await you

  • Bronze: Random ammo, money, armor plates, lethal and tactical items from your loadout
  • Silver: Bronze keycard rewards + your favorite perk pack
  • Gold: Silver keycard rewards + armor plate holder, random rare field upgrade
  • Platinum: Gold keycard rewards + random killstreak
  • Polyatomar: One weapon with eight attachments, five free items at the Buy Station
  • Orion: Two weapons with eight attachments, ten free items at the Buy Station

At the moment it looks like the special weapons with eight attachments are limited to the HRM-9KATT-AMR and RAM-7 

For those who use the scanners on non-consecutive days, they can even look forward to permanent bonuses.

  • Day 3: Calling Card “Need a Hand?”
  • Tag 7: 1 hour double XP token
  • Day 12: 1 hour double weapon XP token
  • Tag 17: Animated emblem “Encrypting”
  • Tag 21: Loading screen/Calling Card
  • Tag 27: Weapon camouflage “Welcome to the Mainframe”


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