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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 & Warzone – Anti-Cheat bans over 58,000 players, innocents also affected

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Another wave of bans is shaking up the cheating scene in Call of Duty, but this time innocent players have also been hit

Once again, the anti-cheat software Ricochet is making headlines, banning thousands of dishonest players in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, but this time some innocent users have also been caught out.

Collateral damage?

The endless battle against cheaters is entering the next round and this time the honest players can claim victory, at least for now. As part of a gigantic wave of bans, the anti-cheat software Ricochet has banned over 58,000 accounts in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

These waves of bans have become the norm in Call of Duty and are often accompanied by updates to Ricochet. The last news regarding anti-cheat in CoD looked bleak, which makes the current news all the more pleasing for honest players.

To coincide with the ban wave, the game’s officials issued a statement warning players not to fall for cheat providers that offer subscriptions for their hacks.

Be wary of bold claims from scammers trying to sell subscriptions for their cheats. TeamRICOCHET has launched a series of targeted actions against cheat providers, resulting in over 58,000 accounts being banned yesterday. More waves of bans to come

However, this time it has hit innocent players who have done nothing wrong. Hundreds of users claim on social media that they have been banned for no reason whatsoever

One of the largest and most active cheat providers confirms the players’ statements on X and refers to a bug in the anti-cheat software that causes the software to recognize itself as an unauthorized cheat and bans players as a result.

As many of the players themselves report, the requests to reverse a ban are rejected by Activision in most cases. It therefore remains unclear for the time being how the innocently banned users will get their accounts back


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