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Call of Duty: Lost gameplay reveals battles on the moon that no one ever got to play

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Call of Duty: Future Warfare was never released. Now a video has emerged, the authenticity of which has been confirmed by one of the developers at the time

Call of Duty on the moon – admittedly, this setting is not a complete novelty. In the first Black Ops there was already the opportunity to visit the Earth’s satellite in the course of the last zombie life.

In Call of Duty: Future Warfare but there would have been a lot more action on the moon. Never heard of it? No wonder: it was never released! Nevertheless, we now know a whole lot about the shooter, because after ten years, gameplay has surfaced for the first time!

Former developer spills the beans

The X-user mangafigurines has apparently cleared his old hard drives of dust and cobwebs and found the gameplay footage on them. The well-known CoD insider CharlieIntel

was instrumental in disseminating the material.

Shortly afterwards, Brian Bright, then a developer at Studio Neversoft (Guitar Hero), spoke up and revealed a lot more information about the discontinued Call of Duty.

But before we continue, take a look at 10 minutes of gameplay that never appeared:

What is immediately noticeable when watching it: The internally titled project NX1 would probably have left its very own mark on the CoD series In just under two and a half minutes, we see gripping scenes that take place on a moon base

An unmissable detail: The low-gravity gunfights. The level selection shown briefly at the beginning also shows that more maps than just the moon base have already been created. This is also confirmed by Brian Bright, who writes in the comment above:

We had two to three campaign missions and a bunch of multiplayer work done (I was the MP lead on the project) before the game was canceled. One thing we really liked in multiplayer was the first escort mode in Call of Duty – there’s footage of that out there too.

Instead of Future Warfare, however, the series was continued with Ghosts  To this day, fans have not been allowed to shoot on the moon again. Will the concept of Future Warfare be realized one day after all? Based on the footage shown, some fans may well wish so.

What’s next for Call of Duty in 2024? There isn’t much information about the next installment in the series at the moment, but one thing is already being rumored: The upcoming CoD is said to have been in development for a whopping four years – a length of time that is no longer a given for the franchise, which has expanded every year.


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