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COD: That’s why the FR 5.56 is the best weapon in Warzone right now

Call of Duty patches are always good for a surprise. Due to a buff that the FR 5.56 got in the last update, one...

After the airplane jump follows the Gulag-Bug

Once again a bug in Call of Duty Warzone is occurring. Players land directly in the Gulag after they have landed on the map....

COD Warzone Leak – Private Matches offer new possibilities

The popular Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone will soon get the mode "Private Match" according to a leak. This would make it possible...

COD – New playlist update pending

The Season 5 is in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone since one week. Now the first playlist update is pending. It's coming. The...

COD bug frustrated in Season 5 – invisible enemies hidden in the stadium Verdansk

The Verdansk stadium is a hot spot in Warzone Season 5, and now a bug in Call of Duty's Battle Royale is causing invisible...

Warzone – Season holds new bunker secret in the stadium

The fifth season in Call of Duty Warzone holds some secrets. A mystery has been discovered in the bunkers under the now open stadium. With...

Warzone – Timthetatman, Vikkstar123 and Tfue play for 100.000 Us dollars

The Toronto Ultras are organising a major tournament to kick off the fifth Warzone season with prize money of $100,000. The fifth season in Call...

COD – Season 5 requires less storage space

The fifth season of Call of Duty Warzone promises many new content and changes. Infinity Ward reduces the amount of memory required. Numerous new...

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